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At Premier, we do our best to make sure that we’re staying up to date on not only what’s happening in our community, but what’s important to you, our customers and members. Check back on the blog regularly for updates and info about community partnerships, events, opportunities to network, and articles that will help you stay informed and ready to defend yourself, in any situation.

Leave Us A Google Review

Do you read online reviews?  If you are like most people today, you use them to make many of your purchasing decisions. By writing a review, you are not only helping others make an informed decision, you are also providing us with valuable information that will help...

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Situational Awareness: Life Skills for Everyone

Going off to college, working late nights, employed in high risk professions, i.e. realtor, nurse, third shift, night manager, social worker, bank or convenience store employee all these everyday situations put you at risk. You cannot always be armed in public,...

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Martial Arts Helps With Bullying

Martial Arts can teach you to defend yourself, but it can provide much more than just a defensive art. It gives participant: sense of self-confidence teaches discipline respect for self and others provide an outlet for aggression and frustration Martial Arts helps...

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Memorial Day – A Day of Honor

Memorial Day was first widely observed in May 1868.  The celebration commemorated the sacrifices of the Civil War and the proclamation was made by General John A. Logan In years since World War 1, the day has become a celebration of honor for those who died in all...

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Did You Know

Did you know that Premier Shooting & Training Center is more than just a gun range?  Premier Shooting and Training Center is the Cincinnati region's destination Shooting Range and Training Center. With a robust retail store and a unique "Try Before You Buy" policy,...

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Shooting Range Health Benefits

Believe it or not, the benefits of participating in shooting can improve your health both physically and mentally.  Whether you’re preparing for the military or police academy or just out for a recreational activity, going to a shooting range can improve your health...

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Good Samaritan Helps Police Officer

A concealed carry permit holder in Springville, Utah, pulled his gun Friday and intervened to stop an attack against a police officer. The incident occurred around 2 p.m., after an unidentified officer spotted Paul Douglas Anderson in a Tabatha’s Way donation bin. The...

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Best Concealed Firearm For Women

Well depends on who you ask. Of course everyone has their own opinion on the best concealed firearms for women, and what works best for them, but today I got asked so I will give you my thoughts. First, I believe it is always better on the body than off. If I have to...

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Premier’s New Year’s Resolutions

You head into the New Year with lofty intentions. You’re going to hit the gym every day before work or finally become the boss. But these are the kinds of New Year's resolutions that fizzle well before spring rolls around. We all make them most of us break them.  At...

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88 Tactical Partnership

“Elite” is a word bantered around a lot in our industry.  At Premier, we do not use this word lightly. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best armed training courses in the Cincinnati area. To ensure we deliver on this mission, we teamed up with the renowned...

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What Makes Our Gun Ranges Different?

Are you ready to take your shooting skills to the next level? Premier Shooting & Training Center knows exactly what you need! We've built our entire gun ranges around you, whether you've been around guns for decades or you're just getting started. With a...

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Cyber Monday Specials

Cyber Monday specials, flash sale on all of our training classes. We are dropping prices on all of our training classes to $99 for one day only. Premier Shooting and Training Center is proud to offer a full spectrum of classes and lessons. Both armed and unarmed, for...

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Best Home Defense Handguns

We never know when evil will coming knocking on our door. When looking for the best home defense handguns, you will need to make many smart decisions. How and where will you use the gun? Will you carry it with you for self-defense, or will it be specifically for...

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How to Improve Your Home Safety and Peace of Mind?

Home safety is always one of our customer’s top concerns, and for good reason. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are approximately 3.7 million burglaries a year, 1 million with a household member present, and 250,000 assaults that occur related to...

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Ohio CCW Gun Laws

Ohio CCW gun laws are a matter of public record and are available to read online. However, for your convenience, we have collected key sections of Ohio law that are related to guns and CCW. The Ohio constitution acknowledges the right to keep and bear arms. Ohio law...

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Why We Buy Local?

National businesses have all had a negative impact on local communities. This is because many people turn to outside sources for the items that they need on a regular basis. Many do not consider how this affects the area in which they live. Understanding the reasons...

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Anti-Abduction Training

The anti-abduction training portion of the class goes beyond "stranger danger.” Children are statistically more likely to be harmed by someone they know. They should never go with someone they don’t know, and they should never go with someone they do know without...

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Concealed Carry Classes (CCW)

The number of concealed carry permit holders in the United States has soared to more than 12.8 million, according to the Washington Times. If you’re considering getting your concealed carry permit in Cincinnati, 88 Tactical and Premier Shooting & Training Center...

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Kids Martial Arts Benefits

Kids Martial arts are an ancient method of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Martial arts practitioners strive for harmony, but also learn effective  self-defense techniques. Children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several...

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Gun Safety Tips

As hunting season approaches, it’s a good time to brush up on your gun safety fundamentals. Proper gun safety is an attitude, not just actions. Firearms have destructive potential, and safe gun handling cannot be overstated. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a...

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We now have an Albino Catfish swimming around our fishing pond....anyone who catches it wins a free fishing membership! Come try your luck! Questions? Ask one of our sales team members....happy...

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Welcome A NEW Premier Team Member!

Premier Shooting & Training Center is excited to welcome Athletic/Personal Trainer, Julie Lindbloom as the newest member of the Premier Team! She will be a huge asset to Premier and brings great experience and knowledge to the Center. You may reach Julie at 513...

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Ready to Fish at Premier? Here’s How!

We are excited to expand our fishing options this summer. We are now offering fishing memberships, as well as day passes, to anyone who would like to have a go at our stocked lake! Fishing Memberships are effective from May 1st- October 31st. They cost $215 and...

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Sean Maloney Discusses Changes to CCW Law in Ohio

Monday, March 20 Premier featured a free clinic from Sean Maloney on the changes that are taking place beginning March 21 to Ohio’s CCW laws. Monday, March 20 Premier featured a free clinic from Sean Maloney on the changes that are taking place beginning March 21 to...

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Changes Coming to Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law!

From Our Friends at Buckeye Firearms: Buckeye Firearms Association is pleased to announced that changes made to Ohio law via the recently-passed Senate Bill 199 will take effect on March 21, 2017. The changes and improvements made to Ohio law for gunowners include the...

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Anniversary Week!

Premier Shooting & Training Center's FIRST ANNIVERSARY is just around the corner! We are so grateful for our loyal clients and supporters and will be having a week full of specials and giveaways, from February 6-13th. Be on the lookout for announcements to come!

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Toys For Tots Event!

Premier Shooting & Training Center is excited to join with The United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program as a local collection center for the Butler Warren County Region. Collection efforts will kick-off for the Holiday Season on Tuesday November 1st at 11:00...

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Premier Now Offers LAYAWAY!

Take advantage of Cincinnati's Only Firearm Layaway! Premier's layaway program* is the first of it's kind in Cincinnati. We proudly offer a program with: -25% Down -30% in 30 Days -Full Payment in 60 Days Take advantage of this program just in time for the holidays!...

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Ohio Steel Stingers End of Season Awards Party!

Premier was a proud sponsor of the Ohio Steel Stingers, a competitive shooting team in Butler County, Ohio. The Steel Stingers held their end of season awards party at Premier. Congratulations Stingers, on an amazing...

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General Manager, Jim Lentz, Works With Boys and Girls Club

Our GM Jim Lentz volunteers his time with The Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty Township after school program at Liberty Jr. High. He works with the kids, helping them establish skills that will make them confident in their self-defense tactics. He also...

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