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When it comes to being prepared, we not only train, we supply!

Armed Training

Premier is your go-to for CCW and Advanced Training…

Unarmed Training

We have classes covering everything from MMA to women’s primal defense…

All the firearms, training tools, and accessories you need – and more.

Premier not only has an expansive retail store on location, we also extend that inventory through our online ordering system. 

GearFire Highlight

Smith & Wesson M&P

Shield EZ 380

Built for personal protection and every-day carry, the M&P380 Shield EZ is chambered in 380 Auto and is designed to be easy to use… 

And this one comes with a lockdown handgun vault with cable-lock for your convenience! It’s a great package – order yours now!

At Premier, we offer both armed and unarmed training options – from MMA, to CCW – we’ve got you covered.

Unarmed Training

Armed Training

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Martial Arts Helps With Bullying

Martial Arts can teach you to defend yourself, but it can provide much more than just a defensive art. It gives participant: sense of self-confidence teaches discipline respect for self and others provide an outlet for aggression and frustration Martial Arts helps...

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Memorial Day – A Day of Honor

Memorial Day was first widely observed in May 1868.  The celebration commemorated the sacrifices of the Civil War and the proclamation was made by General John A. Logan In years since World War 1, the day has become a celebration of honor for those who died in all...

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