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Self Defense Series

$25 each | Bringing a Friend is Recommended!

This 5 part series is designed to help you be prepared to protect yourself should the need ever arise. We start at the very beginning and work our way to repetitive training to engage your muscle memory and build confidence in your new skills. 

The series is to be taken in order, though there is no formal commitment to taking all of the classes. You may attend entirely at your own pace, as long as the classes are attended in order. 

We’ve put this together with the intent for you to BRING A FRIEND! So, bringing someone with you is highly encouraged!

See more details about each session below, and register for your desired session(s) as you see fit.

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Level 1: Situational Awareness & Self Defense

This is where it all begins, being aware of your surroundings, identifying potential threats or dangerous situations are the first steps of self-defense. Learn the mindset to “trust your gut”. Students will learn how to recognize a threat and control distance. How to use posture and verbal skills to diffuse a potential situation as well as, an introduction to the physical skills of self-defense.

Level 2: Practical Application

In this class you will expand on your physical skills, learning proper strikes and kick to vital areas, escaping holds and causing injuries to larger opponents. We will discuss appropriate responses to various threats and continue developing the survival mindset. Students will get a chance to use full-force techniques against an instructor in protective gear.

*Must have taken level 1 to participate!

Keep your eye out for levels 3 – 5!



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Monday to Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm